April Challenge

My challenge to myself for the month of April is to take time to see and appreciate either the sunrise or the sunset everyday.


I challenge you to get outside more, and appreciate the beauty around you. To prove we’re keeping up with the challenge facebook or instagram a photo with the hashtag #3osunsets #aprilchallenge @TamaraLoney


Captured at Browning Pass Canada

Captured at Browning Pass Canada



Edible Plants!

I’m really looking forward to learning more about wild edibles! Another workshop by the awesome people of the Wilderness Living Project

Spring is here and its a great time to look at all the new plants coming up around us!
Come and learn the edible, medicinal and technological use of plants. Learn methods for plant identification, how to recognize plants families, and how to prepare plants for food and medicine.
Jenna will be leading the plant walk. She is a herbalist, has a degree in ethnobotany and has studied with renowned botanist Nancy Turner. She wildcrafts for food and medicine and is always continuing her herbal studies. She is excited to be sharing her knowledge and experience.
May 4th 10am-1pm
Pacific Spirit Park (33rd ave and camosun street entrance)
Cost: $35.00

Anne thinks I should be IC for #60days in Tobago

Time with Tamara is either an adventure or reliving the fun moments of childhood. She knows how to live her life to the fullest and paradise is created around her. Hearing her amazing adventures and jobs abroad makes me realize you can make life happen to you and it is where you want to take it. You don’t have to be chain down to a mundane job or an ordinary life. Maybe that’s why she can carry that bright smile effortlessly because she is one of the few people who knows how to live life the right way and it’s easy to see it comes from her love for travelling and willing spirit to try new things.  This is a world traveler’s tales that is really enthralling and I hope to be able to continue to hear more of her great adventures from the land of paradise and hopefully someday follow that path myself.

Halfmoon Bay



I’m so happy to have Anne as an adventure buddy!


Things I Learned on my First Bike Tour

1. Grandpa wasn’t lying when he said he walked 5km up hill both ways. It’s possible (sorry for doubting).Image

2. The hill does not end right around that next corner– but it is helpful to believe it does.

2. Merino Wool does get stinky. Thankfully, however it does not hold the stink.

4. Headwind sucks.

5. No matter how long the hill looks, it’ll feel longer– but you can do it. Eventually you’ll be up it and the road will flatten out. There may even be a little downhill to enjoy.

6. Never wait to stop for lunch. When someone says “oh sure, you’re almost there, it’s like 10 minutes away”. You’re not.Image

7. Sometimes the pub at the end of the road will have burned down. In August. The cold pint that has motivated you up the last ten hills won’t be there. Also, you won’t be able to camp in their camping area, next nearest one is 15 km back the way you just came.

8. You will meet really nice people. Who will point out a great secret camp site very close to where you are. 8 minute walk away you say? Easy…. nope… we are not there yet- how fast does this lady walk!? 15 mins later.Image

9. Secret camp sites are the best. Don’t doubt the person who said 8 minute walk. In the morning with fresh legs it actually is really close.

10. It’s worth it. Every bit of sore muscle and discomfort is worth it. To listen to the frogs croaking in the ditch alongside the road, the sounds of birds wings flapping past. The feeling of freedom to stop to look at that cool rock. The power of knowing you made it. A little taste that makes it hard to get back into your car.






Mountain Multiplicity Show

Wade Davis is the answer to that famous what 5 people would you bring to dinner. He’s one of the presenters. I’m pumped for Sunday night, maybe I’ll stay up the night and snowboard Monday. It’s a busy week!

Mount Baker

I can’t wait for this weekend, the Outdoor Ed department is heading down to Mount Baker to ride together as a way to end the season. Watch out Mount Baker, Seymour is coming! Pictures of me falling to come.


Pictures from the trip here

Sunshine Coast

So it’s not a big trip, but I’m incredibly pumped. I have never toured before, I only have two days, but I figure it’s a good amount of time to figure out what needs improvement on my set up before I can go further.

If you want to check out the map- Going to the end of the road

The plan is to cycle as far as I can one day, camp, then ride home the next day. When I put it that way it sounds silly, but I bet it’s going to be gorgeous!


Been there! Here’s the story  Things I learned on my first Bike trip