Edible Plants!

I’m really looking forward to learning more about wild edibles! Another workshop by the awesome people of the Wilderness Living Project

Spring is here and its a great time to look at all the new plants coming up around us!
Come and learn the edible, medicinal and technological use of plants. Learn methods for plant identification, how to recognize plants families, and how to prepare plants for food and medicine.
Jenna will be leading the plant walk. She is a herbalist, has a degree in ethnobotany and has studied with renowned botanist Nancy Turner. She wildcrafts for food and medicine and is always continuing her herbal studies. She is excited to be sharing her knowledge and experience.
May 4th 10am-1pm
Pacific Spirit Park (33rd ave and camosun street entrance)
Cost: $35.00


Mountain Multiplicity Show

Wade Davis is the answer to that famous what 5 people would you bring to dinner. He’s one of the presenters. I’m pumped for Sunday night, maybe I’ll stay up the night and snowboard Monday. It’s a busy week!

Mount Baker

I can’t wait for this weekend, the Outdoor Ed department is heading down to Mount Baker to ride together as a way to end the season. Watch out Mount Baker, Seymour is coming! Pictures of me falling to come.


Pictures from the trip here

Sunshine Coast

So it’s not a big trip, but I’m incredibly pumped. I have never toured before, I only have two days, but I figure it’s a good amount of time to figure out what needs improvement on my set up before I can go further.

If you want to check out the map- Going to the end of the road

The plan is to cycle as far as I can one day, camp, then ride home the next day. When I put it that way it sounds silly, but I bet it’s going to be gorgeous!


Been there! Here’s the story  Things I learned on my first Bike trip


One of my treasured memories from Perhentian is nights we’d visit our friends at long beach. We would pile into the small open air motor boat and take off into the sunset. After an evening filled with delicious food, dancing and friends we’d push the boat back into the water. The line between water and horizon blurred in the dark night, the boat engine cut our conversation. As we ripped across the water our wake glowed with bioluminescence leaving a trail showing where we had been.

Perhentian Sunset

The flickers of light in the water make me think of fairy dust (It is actually way cooler than fairy dust it’s dinoflagellates in case you wanted to know). Bioluminescence always seems a bit magical. So when I was flipping through tours offered by the sponsors of http://www.60daysinparadise.com I was super excited when I saw this one!

Bioluminescence Tour

Imagine floating in the moonlight, on a stand up paddleboard, each stroke of your paddle lighting up.

Laurent is in Tobago now!

He’s been working on a sail boat for a while and they are in Tobago until April 27th. He’s staying in Pirate Bay, which looks gorgeous. Here’s a video of some of the diving he’s been doing. Wow. So much excite.

Goat Races!

Before this contest started I honestly didn’t know much about Tobago- I still only know a little, one thing I am excited to discover is goat racing. Now I’m generally not a big fan of watching animals race, but try to picture someone making a goat run. Goats are stubborn. I’m pretty sure I’d be running with a leash attached to an unmoving unimpressed goat. If you want a first hand account of goat racing check out uncommon caribbean for a first hand account. The big race is in April, so even if I am island connosieur I’m going to miss out on racing goats.

Has anyone been to Tobago and seen goat races? Tell me about it if you have!