When I was a DMT

I love watching the moonrise


Last night was the full moon, I sat on the dock and watched the moon rise over the ocean, a bright orange ball, were it not so dark out you could almost mistake it for a sun. Walked down the beach to B First for dinner with some girls that just completed their open water course, admired the stars.

A nice deep breath of fresh air, the pace of life here is nice. There is always somewhere to be, but always time to get there. Underwater things move a bit slower, and there is no point in rushing because it will only put you off balance. The water today was so clear. We raced out to the dive sight on little speed boats, the wind whipping my hair in my face, the water was so flat the boat felt like it was flying.

First dive of the day was Tokong Laut (temple of the sea). The visibility was amazing until the thermocline at 20m. Beautiful site, lots of, well everything. After that I gave my first real dive briefing for the dive I was guiding at Tanjung Basi (rotten point). It went fairly well, I didn’t lose anyone, we saw lots of different fish, nudibranch, corals and anemones and found the boat at the end.

I wrote a physics, physiology and equipment test which I haven’t gotten the results for yet, but I must have passed because there is more for me to work on. I’m not in the water until 4 o clock tomorrow afternoon, which seems like a really long time to stay dry. Time to hit the books though I have another 3 tests coming up on the 23rd. Hope everyone is doing well, take some time to look at the stars if you can!


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