Anne thinks I should be IC for #60days in Tobago

Time with Tamara is either an adventure or reliving the fun moments of childhood. She knows how to live her life to the fullest and paradise is created around her. Hearing her amazing adventures and jobs abroad makes me realize you can make life happen to you and it is where you want to take it. You don’t have to be chain down to a mundane job or an ordinary life. Maybe that’s why she can carry that bright smile effortlessly because she is one of the few people who knows how to live life the right way and it’s easy to see it comes from her love for travelling and willing spirit to try new things.  This is a world traveler’s tales that is really enthralling and I hope to be able to continue to hear more of her great adventures from the land of paradise and hopefully someday follow that path myself.

Halfmoon Bay



I’m so happy to have Anne as an adventure buddy!



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