SphereDivers Homestay and Lodge

Mabul is a tiny little island. It takes about 20 minutes to walk the whole way around if you dawdle. The houses cluster on stilts over the water. Long rickety bridges with no railings, often missing planks, lead out to the houses.

Photo Credit to Azhar https://www.flickr.com/photos/26725712@N06

Photo Credit to Azhar              I love cuttlefish

I stayed at Spheredivers Homestay &  lodge. The rooms are basic, four walls, a bed nice clean sheets and a little window that opens to look out on the water. What makes Spheredivers special is the people. Breakfast, lunch and dinner is included with the stay, and is served in the common area. The table and chairs spread out around the mostly covered deck is where people come together, snacking and sharing their experiences.

Island time may be slow, but it encourages fast friendships. Before I knew it I was agreeing to head out and explore around the island with Misbah and her friends. Azhar and Mat Yie two amazing underwater photographers decided to join us. Our walk around the island quickly became a bit of a photo shoot.


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