Club Med Phuket

I was lucky enough to get holidays at the same time as Amy and Vivi when I worked at Club Med Cherating. One of the perks of working Club Med is that you can vacation at other villages. We decided to go to Phuket for the week.

Amy and I managed to get ourselves lost in the back corridors of a mall in Kuala Lumpur before our flight.

We eventually somehow found our way out.  In Phuket we did a pretty good job of taking advantage of all Club Med had to offer. Some GOs from the maintenance team showed us around the area on their day off to make sure we didn’t miss any of the best foods.

Our last night we hiked up to a place called reggae bar for an amazing sunset. We met a family who had just bought a portable photo printer they wanted to test out, they took our picture and printed a copy for each of us.  A lot of times on a trip it’s really the friends you make along the way that really make it something special.

We were checked out and waiting for our airport transfer when we decided to double check passports and plane tickets. Good thing, because our flight was an hour earlier then we had thought, no more waiting for the group transfer! We hopped into a cab and raced to the airport, arriving just in time for our flight.


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