One of my treasured memories from Perhentian is nights we’d visit our friends at long beach. We would pile into the small open air motor boat and take off into the sunset. After an evening filled with delicious food, dancing and friends we’d push the boat back into the water. The line between water and horizon blurred in the dark night, the boat engine cut our conversation. As we ripped across the water our wake glowed with bioluminescence leaving a trail showing where we had been.

Perhentian Sunset

The flickers of light in the water make me think of fairy dust (It is actually way cooler than fairy dust it’s dinoflagellates in case you wanted to know). Bioluminescence always seems a bit magical. So when I was flipping through tours offered by the sponsors of I was super excited when I saw this one!

Bioluminescence Tour

Imagine floating in the moonlight, on a stand up paddleboard, each stroke of your paddle lighting up.


4 thoughts on “Bioluminescence!

  1. looking forward to your report from Tobago – from your writing/explanation I have put this on my list of things I MUST do within the next 5 years.


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