Why Tamara should be IC according to Kevin

When I first met Tamara she had a massive smile plastered across her face. It wasn’t one of those fake smiles, rather one of those ear to ear grins which is contagious, warming up a room and creating smiles on anyone within eye sight. It’s hard to imagine her without this expression nor a room of people being impacted in this way.

From the moment she spoke of her adventures and travels, I knew that’s what she loved. The excitement in her eyes and the passion with which she spoke of the people and places she had seen were so full of life I felt compelled to explore and experience similar events and cultures. It was her enthusiasm for travel, and for experiencing new and challenging things which lead me to push pause on my “normal” life heading out for my first taste of travel.

Tamara has an ability to find positives in every situation she is in. No matter how challenging, daunting, or unpleasant something is, she will find a way to make it fun. She will find something in it that brings her joy, and then passing that joy onto those who are with her. She is amazing at finding the little things in a sea of big things, the things that matter the most.

Never afraid to try something new, I have seen Tamara participating in activities she has loved for years and activities she has never attempted before. She approaches everything the same way, with a huge smile and no fear of failure. I sincerely look forward to hearing about her future travels and adventures, and seeing the evidence, through photos or video, of that massive smile in far off lands.

Kevin in Singapore

Kevin visiting Singapore


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