Amy an Elefriend for life

When you work for Club Med you quickly learn to take advantage of your day off every week. My friend Amy has a great sense of adventure and had the same day off as me. We made it our goal on every day off to eat at least one thing we didn’t recognise.  Often we’d choose a direction and walk as far as we could that way.

We woke up early went to the restaurant for breakfast and then made ourselves sandwiches from the breakfast buffet. We didn’t know where we were going to end up, but we wouldn’t go hungry.  We decided to go right, the cliff was not a deterrent, we found a small path through the lush jungle that eventually led us around the cliff and back to the beach.

How long is the time set for?

How long is the timer set for?

We came across a river flowing into the sea. The cliff hadn’t stopped us and we weren’t quite ready to go back home yet. Only one choice, go through it. Once we were about halfway across, Amy, an Australian turns to me and says “hey do you think there are crocs in this river?”  Perfect timing….

Do you think there are crocs in this river?

Do you think there are crocs in this river?

If there are we’re more than halfway might as well keep going. The next area however we decided to stay out of the water and clambered through the mangrove trees.

avoiding crocodiles

avoiding crocodiles

We eventually found our way to a road and exhausted managed to find a taxi back to the village. Hours later, after our showers, we still managed to find bugs in our hair. All in all a good adventure


One thought on “Amy an Elefriend for life

  1. Love your caption ….”How long is the timer set for….” your writing is so honest -reads like a friend writing, which you are!


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