Island Challenge

When I was young I wanted to visit every continent, then I realised there weren’t so many of those, maybe I should visit every country, then I thought even better every island. I don’t want to be pessimistic but there are a lot of islands out there. How many islands you ask? Good question, play a game with me!

Spocale Island Nation Quiz

10 points to whoever can name the most islands in 2 minutes, remember cheaters are no fun use your brain!

Post your total in the comments below!

I got 32 but I really feel like Indonesia should be in there!


3 thoughts on “Island Challenge

  1. We had friends over and played this as a group – impressed with our Island listing!!! would have loved to have you here as I am certain the stories you could have shared about your experiences on some islands would have brought much laughter and fascination.


  2. Following you and think you are perfect for the job — This “Challenge” brought back lots of smiles, as we tried to name islands — two minutes goes so fast!


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