Best thing I’ve seen underwater?

One of the first questions people generally ask when they find out I dive is “What’s the coolest thing you’ve ever seen?”

My favourite things to watch underwater are generally cephalopods, and up until very recently I would have told you my favourite dive ever involved laying on the bottom for about 40 minutes transfixed by a flamboyant cuttle fish hunting.

Best animal interaction now goes to the sea lions. There is something magical about knowing that while we are using all this cumbersome dive equipment in order to be where we are these animals, mammals- like us are just there holding their breath chilling out.

I feel like these pictures really capture the feeling of being in the water with Sea Lions. Shapes twisting and turning in the water, taking form as they come closer. Feeling the water move as they zip past your ear, stopping directly in front of you making eye contact as they curiously check you out. Posing and showing off before they leave, melting again into shapes, before disappearing altogether. Sitting on the bottom, wondering if what we just experienced was real, or just a figment of our imagination.  Thanks to my dive buddie Irma Tindemans for proof it did really happen.


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