Browning Pass

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Browning Pass is accessible by boat via Port Hardy on the north end of Vancouver Island. It takes most people about 6.5 hours to get to Port Hardy from Vancouver. It took me closer to 8, but Irma and I dawdled our way up, exploring good food and picking up a few extra supplies for the trip.

When we arrived at the dock Dan from Mamro Adventures greeted us. He helped us haul our gear over to the boat and showed us our bunks. We had the front bunks in the wheelhouse. We quickly stowed our stuff. The Quaterdeck is the local restaurant next to the dock, it’s tradition to stop in there before heading out on the water.

Once on the water we quickly got into the rhythm of life on a live aboard. We’d put on our drysuits, hop onto the skiff and drop down on amazing dive sites. Once back on board the Mamro we gathered around the table, logging dives and sharing stories while Bill finished preparing our meal. Food in our bellies and thoughts of what we’d just experienced in our heads we’d hit our bunks for a nap. While we dozed and digested Bill and Dan were filling our tanks for the next dive. Dive. Eat. Sleep. Repeat.


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