Take A Hike Foundation

Last week at Mount Seymour we hosted the Take a Hike Foundations  Moonlight Snowshoe Fundraiser. I was super happy to get the chance to be one of the guides on that night for two reasons. I love the peacefulness of night tours. More importantly though Take A Hike is an amazing program that I think makes a big difference in peoples lives.

I was lucky enough to grow up in Squamish with amazing parents who encouraged me to take part in sports and outdoor activities. Those outlets really helped to keep me focused and taught me a lot. I was also extremely lucky to have some increadibly passionate teachers. Mme Desjardins went so far as to create a “defi de plien air” course where we had the opportunity to push ourselves mentally, physically and even emotionally. We learned a lot about ourselves through the activities we did together- many things we weren’t sure we could accomplish.

During the Moonlight Snowshoe we each had a student leader who told us a little bit about what the program meant to them. Natasha and Rosie were in my group and both talked about how great the teachers were at pushing them to their limits and the confidence they had gained.

Photo Credit: Erik Price Photography

Check out some more pictures from the event ( chocolate snow lounge- oh ya!)


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